Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Office.... RETURNS!

Ok, I was convinced The Office didn't return until the very hyped after-Superbowl episode. But then, I saw this! The Office returns next Thursday, January 15!

The Duel



Randy said...

Yes....all new Office next Thursday. Get with the program CHICK!!! Fleece that shiznit out!!

jiggins said...

I have never sat and watched the American Version of The Office. I have been meaning to check out your blog here.. all of you.. but I hadn't till Lora posted on it today. I sat and watched the first few minutes of the season 11 pilot.. and I definitively appreciate Steve Carell's comedic timing.. as did I Ricky Gervais, but i couldn't do it. I had too much else to do for work. I will look more into it tho! Rest assured! See you all soon.